My name is Anna.

Nickname: Anna Runa. I'm a born and raised midwest girl. University of Missouri Textiles and Apparel degree holder with a passion for creating quality products clients can utilize to express their own individuality. I take time to put extra love into every product I make to ensure it will last you as long as possible for maximum fashion capacity.


Like all twenty-somethings, my story is constantly evolving. I've been sewing for roughly a decade, finding joy in conceptualizing and creating products from raw materials. In early 2010, a friend approached me with a request for a few custom bow ties. After receiving inquiries as to where he found the ties, he encouraged me to create an outlet for others to purchase ties. He featured my work on his wildly successful menswear blog, and orders began flooding my inbox. I created a website, and completely sold out of inventory two times. Word started to spread online and by word of mouth.

In the fall of 2012, I had the honor of having my work featured in The New York Times Style Section

My business has continued to grow exponentially.


While most of my business is generated online, I have products in a few shops nationwide. Custom work and wedding orders continue to be the backbone of my business. 


My childhood nickname "Anna Runa" - an Icelandic nickname combining my first name "Anna" with middle name "Sigrun" - is the basis for